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Primary Care

Geriatrician Dr. Camille Hunter serves as a primary care physician for adults age 65 and older. This primary care role involves all aspects of care including regular wellness visits, urgent issues, disease management, and coordination of care delivered by various specialists. 

Chronic Care Management

We also participate in Chronic Care Management (CCM) services for patients. In this scenario, Dr. Hunter acts as the primary care physician and also delivers additional CCM services. CCM is an optional benefit offered to many Medicare beneficiaries which helps deliver better quality healthcare. It includes face-to-face visits, management of transitions across different healthcare settings, 24/7 access to a physician to address urgent needs, enhanced communication between patient/family/caregiver and provider, and development of a person-centered comprehensive care plan. This care plan typically includes treatment goals, symptom management, medication management, and ordering social services. 

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Geriatric Consultations

Dr. Camille Hunter can also provide consultations for patients and their primary care physicians regarding geriatric issues. Consultations can be done on a one-time, as-needed, or ongoing basis. Common reasons for consultation include memory evaluations, dementia management, frequent falls, delirium, frailty, and medication review. 

Cognitive Evaluations

Dr Hunter provides consultations and guidance at every stage of memory impairment. We provide a range of evaluations tailored to the patient’s needs: anything from a one-time evaluation for mild memory impairment to frequent visits for the challenging behavior problems of advanced dementia.


Memory consultations and dementia management can be done with Dr Hunter as the primary care physician or as the consultant.


Our office is equipped with state of the art and user-friendly technology to provide medical services via phone or video. If you prefer to have your consultation done from your home for convenience, mobility issues, or the COVID-19 pandemic, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

Doctor and Patient
Doctor Using Digital Tablet
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