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Geriatric Medicine 

Comprehensive Care for Seniors

Available January 2021

Fellowship trained and board certified geriatrician Dr Camille Hunter provides primary medical care and geriatric consultations to older adults in the Santa Barbara community.



Geriatric Medical Practice with Dr Camille Hunter

Our goal is to optimize wellness, function, independence, and dignity of each patient while providing exceptional geriatric medical care. 


We contract with Medicare, MediCal, and all other major health insurance plans for patients aged 65 and older.


We also participate in Chronic Care Management (CCM), which is available to Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions. 


Chronic care management services include face-to-face visits as well as frequent communication and coordination of care related to the chronic conditions. 

We create individualized care plans for each patient.


We provide comprehensive geriatric assessments including annual wellness visits, cognitive evaluations, falls risk assessments, functional assessments, medication reviews, safety care plans, and goals of care discussions.

As our population ages, our community needs healthcare providers with the knowledge and expertise to help our senior citizens thrive as they age.

We can help create multifaceted care plans that address each patient’s unique goals, including quality of life, physical health, and mental/emotional well-being. 

We see patients at every stage of health and recognize that each patient is unique. We want to tailor your medical care to fit your unique needs. 

We care for patients with a variety of health issues that affect older adults, such as mild cognitive impairment, dementia, falls, osteoporosis, and frailty.





Patient Feedback

Katheryn S.

Thank you so much and it really was a pleasure talking to you!  It was more like the old days when doctors had the chance to talk with patients and families at length!

Carl A.

Dr. Hunter is my mom's geriatric doctor and she's fantastic. She's the type of doctor that doesn't try to rush through her appointments. She really takes her time with her patients and she makes sure that all of our questions are answered. On top of that, she's a very kind and caring person. This is something that's really important to us since she's administering care to my mom.


There's no need to endure mean doctors in this world when you know someone like Dr. hunter exists. If you're looking for a geriatrician, look no further. Dr Hunter is everything you're looking for in a brilliant doctor.

James H. 

My wife is in her mid-80s and I recently turned 90.  Until recently  we had been quite active and in fairly good health but like so many senior citizens we realized quite early that we needed a geriatrician who understood our unique needs and ailments.  Fortunately, we met Dr. Camille Hunter early in our search and immediately realized she had the professional knowledge, disposition and understanding of the type physician we needed to care for us.  


Dr. Hunter is an extraordinary young woman and medical professional.  She has the unique ability to put her patients at ease while assuring them of her extensive knowledge of medicine.  She also exudes warmth and confidence and is the type of person that made both my wife and I realize almost immediately that we were in extremely competent and caring hands.  She is a fountain of wisdom and advice on how we could  improve our health through proper exercise and common sense safety measures at home.


Dr. Hunter has already had a significant impact on our daily lives and well-being. 

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